Acute Care Services

Lack of quick and reliable access to primary care leads to unnecessary emergency room visits and hospitalizations. According to Modern Healthcare, about 30% of emergency department visits among patients with common chronic conditions are potentially unnecessary, costing $8.3 billion in additional costs. In the current healthcare environment, primary care services are available only between 8 am to 5 pm. There is no access to care during after hours, weekends and holidays. The patients do not have any other choices, and they end up using urgent care and emergency rooms. The physicians in those settings do not have patient records. They have no relationships with the patients, which leads to unnecessary tests and increases healthcare costs without any improvements in patient care. Covid 19 has provided a significant change in the health care paradigm. Now the patients are more willing to accept virtual care. Healthcare technologies have improved significantly. It has allowed us to Extend Access to Primary care services. Shield medical group offers online registration, open scheduling, Same-Day Appointments, Walk-In appointments and Telehealth virtual care. We continue to provide patient education about 24/7 Access.

The best way to reduce ED overutilization is to keep patients from becoming sick. Preventive care and efforts to address the social determinants of health (SDOH) are essential to keeping patients out of any high-acuity Costly setting. We are reliably available and encourage our patients to use our services. We make it very easy for patients to access these service via education, training and simplify the technologies. We will meet the patients at their level of comfort. We have perfected the reliable access to care for last 15 years. Our patients trusts us. They do not get very sick as their problems are properly managed as early stage.

Everyone should have a relationship with primary care and have age and disease-appropriate preventive and chronic disease care to prevent acute complications. Primary care clinics use automated text messages, phone calls, or emails to remind patients to book wellness exams and other preventive screenings.

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