Coordinated care

Shield Medical Group delivers team-based care. We are a Patient centered practice. Healthcare is very complex and difficult to navigate. The role of primary care practitioner is to be your quarter back. Your PCP will guides you and work with other qualified healthcare professionals to provide you with Quick, Comprehensive, and cost-effective care. During your visit we will be assigned a Health coach who will be your ongoing resource. Health Coach will be your personal concierge in addition to all the resource available at the office. You will undergo a health care assessment and our providers will develop a specific plan for you . You will have ample opportunity to discuss and decide about what and how you want the healthcare to be delivered to you. You will decide about your care. Our goal is to provide you with the evidence-based information. We will work with your pharmacy, Laboratory, Radiology, specialist, and durable medical equipment companies. Our providers have direct relationships with hospitalists, nursing home doctors and home health care providers. Our transition of care programs will make the transition from Acute care facility to your home very easy.

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