Same Day Appointment

Those patients who are not able to schedule an appointment for an illness or injury on the same day may resort to visiting an emergency room, urgent care, or walk-in clinic. Enabling those patients who need more immediate care to schedule same-day appointments benefits both patient and independent physician in these cases. A same-day appointment can provide with more consistent care at a lower cost.

We have reserved daily slots on our schedule  to accommodate for Same Day Appointments . Our goat is to reduce the use to Emergency rooms and  Urgent care visits. We believe that as your Primary care, we are in a best position to diagnose and treat you quickly. We have the access to your medical records and we can make better healthcare decision than a physician who does not know you and have to start from scratch. This is in line with our mission to provide you with Quick, Comprehensive and Cost effective care. We all win if you seek care at our office rather than Emergency Room and Urgent care centers. We encourage out patients about not to wait and let simple problems get complicated. We tract our patients data very closely. We are making a difference. We have lowered significantly the Emergency Room and Urgent care visit by being the PCP near you. We are producing better outcomes and have been rated 5 Star by our patient for easy access and getting necessary care. We also offer Online Open Schedule for virtual and in office appointments.

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