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Explore the following patient resources to learn about valuable prescription discount information, healthy lifestyle tools and more.

GoodRx – Compare rates to find out which pharmacies near you offer the best prices on your medications. Score extra savings with free pharmacy coupons. You can even keep valuable info close at hand with a convenient app, available through Google Play and the iTunes App Store.

Needy Meds – Need help covering the cost of your medicine? NeedyMeds connects you with patient savings information and pharmaceutical assistance forms that can help you obtain your prescription for less.  

Social Security Administration – If you’re a current Medicare beneficiary, you may eligible to receive your medications at very low cost through the Social Security Administration’s Extra Help program. Click the link to find out if you qualify, and submit your application online.

MyFitnessPal – Whether you’re working on weight loss or just trying to get in better shape, keeping a diet and exercise journal is a proven strategy for success. MyFitnessPal makes it easy to log your daily calorie counts and physical activity. Stay on track on the go with a downloadable app, available for Android and iPhone. 

Overeaters Anonymous – Patients coping with food addiction and eating disorders can find support groups, healthy lifestyle advice and other helpful resources at the Overeaters Anonymous website.

Health Grades – Are you satisfied with the quality of care you’ve received? Rate your patient experience and leave a review of your provider here.

Calculator: 10-year risk of developing cardiovascular disease in men (Patient information)
Calculator: 10-year risk of developing cardiovascular disease in women (Patient information)

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