Phone A Friend

Shield Medical Group  will personally chose  you to participate in our Phone a Friend Program. The program is based on individual patient needs and disease burden. We realize that ACCESS to quality primary care is lacking in our health care system. We wants to make sure that you stay healthy and that we are aware of any changes in your health. We are extending health care Access beyond normal schedule.

Why we have a Phone A friend  Program?

we want to reach out to our most fragile patients who don’t always call us when they are symptomatic.

What is the Goal of Phone A Friend Program.

We want to be proactive. We want to reach out to you as you have enough disease burden but you have not had complications yet. We want to recognize it early and take care of them before it is a problem.

Who will be calling you?

Everyone at Shield Medical Group participate in this program including physicians, Medical assistants, Receptionists, Health coaches, CFO. All of us assigned individual patients.

Why do you have everyone involved in Phone A Friend Program?

At Shield Medical Group, we are a true medical family with mission to be different and change the healthcare paradigm. We learn from you and it helps us to design the processes to improve.

What if I need more care?

The called has sole purpose of calling you and asking if you need some help. They do not make any medical decisions rather get you to physician who will coordinate your care.

How much does it costs?

It is a free program to you. We do not charge any one selected for this program. It is our mission to be proactive .

What will happen during call?

The process is very simple.  Teammate will ask you about any new symptoms, or worsening of any existing problems, or you have any specific needs. If you have any of them, teammate will inform the physician and you will be contacted.

How frequently You will be called?

Calls will be made every 2 week and prior to 12 noon.

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