Who I am and Our Autobiographies?


Let us understand ourselves and other through a systemic way to be more peaceful and productive.

Exploring Life As A Physician.

 Physicians have a unique perspective on life, as they experience both joy and sorrow from their patients.

They get to witness the miracle of birth, but also come face to face with death. 

They are able to bring new hope and healing to those in need, but must also bear the burden of tragedy when treatments fail. 

Amidst these highs and lows, physicians may often find themselves asking the question, “Who am I? What is my place in this world?”

Physicians have to understand themselves and their patients so that they could have meaningful  relationships. 

 Let’s explore what life is like for a physician and how they grapple with these questions. 

A physician deals with subjective aspects of life very objectively. 

It is very hard to demystify the subjective domains of life. 

As we cannot see light, but when we pass  it through a Prism, we can appreciate the whole  spectrum.

Similarly, if analyze life though a prism, we can understand life through  five domains

  1. Bodies
  2. mind,
  3. Intellect
  4. Spirit
  5. Social environment

Physical domain- Your Body

Everyone has their own idea on how to maintain their bodies with diet, exercise, sleep, and sex all playing major roles.

 Eating healthy is very important. Plant based high quality food is the corner stone to good health.

Exercise keeps us toned and physically active while improving overall mental awareness. Exercise  30 minutes everyday. 

Sleep directly impacts our everyday quality of life and helps improve memory, productivity, metabolism as well as helping with eliminating stress levels. 


Most of us will need  seven to eight hours of sleep.

Finally, sex releases these powerful hormones that help reduce stress and lead to a higher self esteem while also reducing relationships conflicts. 

Emotioal Domain- Your Mind

The human mind is a fascinating thing; it controls emotions but emotions can also control the mind. 

They are closely intertwined and understanding this relationship can be a powerful tool for managing difficult emotions and understanding why we think and behave in certain ways. 

We can use our emotions as a source of motivation or push through any self-doubt or fear that comes our way.

Intellectual Domain – Your Intellect 

Intellect is an invaluable asset that provides us with the reasoning skills necessary to solve complex problems and to make critical decisions. 

It encourages the expansion of our knowledge by engaging in research and insightful reflection. 

Understanding and pushing our intellectual boundaries helps us stay open-minded and develop new ideas, expanding beyond our own limitations. 

Feed daily new Ideas and  information to your intellect to keep it sharp and discriminatory. 

Spiritual Domain- Your Spirt

The spiritual domain focuses on moral values and provides individuals with a moral compass for life.

 It begins by setting an ethical code which can be used to make moral decisions, allowing a person to develop internal consistency and strength of character. 

This allows a person to distinguish between right and wrong and leads to moral clarity in life.

 Spiritual development encourages commitment to something greater than oneself, often referred to as faith or belief systems, and results in increased feelings of belonging and meaningful connections with people and the universe as a whole.

Social Domain- It includes everything outside of us.


The first four domains are all about me. 

The social domain is outside of us  

It is an  intricate web of other people, places, things, events and time. 

All of these elements can have both beneficial and detrimental effects on our lives.

 People can bring us joy or cause us distress.

Places and things can provide comfort or be damaging.

Memorable events can form cherished memories that last a lifetime, yet unfortunate events can be deeply traumatic. 

Basically,It is essential to remember that the other people, places, things, events and time are very delicately interconnected.



The human autobiography is all about our bodies, mind, intellect, spirts and its relationship to our social  environment. 

Our social environment consists of other people with their  bodies, minds, intellects and spirts. It also includes other places, things, event and  time.

Finally, at its core, being a physician is about helping people live healthier lives but it is also about finding our own place in this world as well. 

Though it might not always be easy, understanding our place in this world is ultimately worth the effort if we hope to achieve true fulfillment in our lives as physicians!

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